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The 5 Best Meditation Apps for 2019

5 Guided Meditation Apps to Add to Your Daily Routine in 2019

Meditation has been scientifically proven to offer a number of benefits for the mind and body.

These include, but aren’t limited to helping control anxiety, reducing stress, enhancing self

awareness, and moving past difficult memories and emotions. But with busy lives and even busier schedules, taking time out every day to meditate may seem difficult. However, in this day and age, with the use of technology, it’s easier than you might think! I’ve compiled a list of my favorite guided meditation apps to help you incorporate mindfulness into your daily routine in the coming year.


Voted app of the year in 2017, Calm deserves a spot on your phone going into 2019 too. It is an

interactive app that allows you to choose sessions ranging from three minutes to twenty five

minutes based on your free time. If you’re just starting to get into meditation, or want to be more mindful in general, Calm may be a good place to start your journey.

2. Mindfulness

One of the best things about this app is that you can sync it with other health apps on your phone

to get a holistic picture of your mental and physical healthy habits. The app itself is a great introduction to people who want to be more mindful. With a five day guided practice to mindfulness and silent timed sessions that can be customized from three to thirty minutes – it can be a great addition to your day.

3. Insight Timer

If you’re on the hunt for an app that will provide more options in terms of mediation styles you

can choose from, Insight Timer is your new best friend. This app offers you the choice to practice with over 1,000 meditation practitioners and gives you more than 4,500 guided meditation options to choose from. It’s also highly customizable which is always great when you don’t feel like a standard setting is working for you. Did I mention there are also over 700 meditation music tracks to adjust to your mood while you meditate?

4. Aura

I like to think of this as a mini meditation app. With sessions lasting only three minutes, this

app is a simple and effective way to incorporate meditation into a busy day. But don’t let the

simplicity fool you! Aura was designed by experts, including meditation teachers and therapists

so you know that you’re getting something valuable. There are also additional options which I love, such as the ability to track your moods, maintain a gratitude journal and listen to calming sounds throughout your day which makes the app multipurpose and all the more effective.


This app likes to refer to itself as ‘a personal meditation guide, right in your pocket.’ Stress,

anxiety, fear – these things hit us when we least expect them to sometimes. This is why what I like most about this app is that in addition to guided meditation sessions, you also get SOS

meditations that are designed to help you work your way through an emergency meltdown.

If part of your New Year Resolution is to take better care of yourself, download any of the apps

we’ve suggested and start your meditation journey today!

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